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The Future of Fashion: The Sustainable Dreams of the Inhabitants of the Future

Round table.

Date 27/10/23

Time 16:30 – 18:00h

On the afternoon of 27 October, we will share a coffee to discuss the new data that Inhabitants of the Future brings dedicated to the Future of Fashion. As is traditional in this futuristic space designed by the citizens, a representative sample of 1000 citizens of the Basque Country will construct their ideal future and imagine what their favourite shop of the future would be like, how they would like to dress, how they have internalised sustainable trends in consumption such as second-hand clothes or how much they care about the materials used and the conditions in which the clothes they wear are made. Will the differentiation of clothing by gender disappear in the future? Will we stop throwing clothes in the bin? Will we stop consuming fast fashion?

To guide the conversation we will have the Head of News at Radio Euskadi, Dani Álvarez, the head of Inhabitants of the Future, Braulio Gómez, professor at the University of Deusto, the Director of BBKUNA, Kristian Prieto, the General Coordinator of Koopera, Mª Luz Ferro, and the Head of Fashion Revolution Euskadi, Airí Ferrer.


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