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Willy (Los Brazos)


Date 21/03/24

Time 19:00h

Venue BBK Kuna

“Guillermo Gutiérrez Goiria, “William” (Bilbao, 1980) is the voice and guitar of the powerful Biscayan trio Los Brazos, probably one of the most active rock bands in the whole peninsula, whose demand has kept them touring practically uninterruptedly for 12 years.

Active since 1993, William has worked at every level of music, literally thousands of concerts, festivals, productions and recordings of all kinds. His knowledge of music has transcended the purely instrumental, writing, lecturing, conferences and also working in radio as a broadcaster and contributor. All this has led him almost naturally to compile an extensive repertoire of classics and curiosities that he summarises in his acoustic concerts, where he sings stories and tells songs from all eras, from the music that would lead to the blues up to the present day.

William’s concerts invite us on a journey that takes us from Africa to the small region of the Mississippi delta, and from there, it spreads out in all directions. An interesting proposal with a didactic touch that surprises for its versatility, strength and originality”.


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