GOOGAZ – Bizkaiko Kopa

Googaz is a movement created by non-conformist millennials, whose aim is to motivate the youth of the Basque Country to take action and to be the masters of their lives. The youth of Bizkaia are working on emancipation in this fourth edition of Googaz.

On Saturday 18 June, phase two of the project will take place at BBK Kuna, the House of the ODS: the Bizkaia Cup, in which the finalists, 7 teams of 2-3 people, will represent their municipalities (Leioa, Sopela, Santurtzi, Gernika, Balmaseda, Mungia and Getxo) and will work on the challenge of emancipation. They will compete for a trip to Senegal to develop different skills through the Africa Basque Challenge programme.

The young participants will have to develop projects that solve the problems identified in the first phase of Googaz. A jury will select the best project and choose the winning team from Bizkaia. In addition, the event will present the aid offered by different institutions in the field of emancipation so that young people can find out about the possibilities available to them.

The event will last 4 hours and the timetable will be from 10:00 to 14:00.

These have been all the phases of the fourth edition of Googaz.

 – Phase 1: Municipal Events. From the 26th of March to the 29th of May, Googaz toured several municipalities with the Devil’s Games. 132 people between 18 and 30 years old participated in the Googaz event in teams of 3 people.

 – Phase 2: Territorial Cups. Saturday, 18 June. The winning teams of the localities will have the opportunity to participate in the Bizkaia Cup. Next Saturday, the participants will look for solutions to the emancipation problems identified in the first phase, developing different projects.

 – Phase 3: Life Experience. The winning groups of the cups will travel to Africa and develop different skills through the Africa Basque Challenge programme.