Bidelagun: Unwanted Loneliness

BBK Kuna was created with a vision of the future and the will to face the complex challenges that this future presents us with. The ageing of society and its consequences, the post-covid society, climate change, the digital revolution, the transformation of cities, migrations, etc. We must collectively invent new ways of doing things and tools to face such complex challenges as ours, without leaving anyone behind.
BBK Kuna wants to set up a practice-oriented learning community that works on the issue of Unwanted Loneliness, with the aim of improving the situation of those who suffer from it, or who are at risk of suffering from it. After all, BBK has worked on this issue over the years, as can be seen in the graph below, and thus detected the need to create a community for this purpose.

The main objective of the learning and practice community is to improve the situation of people suffering from or at risk of Unwanted Loneliness (ULS).

In short, Unwanted Loneliness is an absolutely invisible and unknown pandemic in our society. The main tasks of the project will be to bring together agents who work with groups that suffer from this situation, the holistic treatment of the subject and the creation of a methodology (understood in a general sense) for the detection of loneliness.
It should be pointed out that, although the main group suffering from this situation is the elderly, this project will take into account other groups such as prison inmates, people at the end of their lives and young people.

During the project, the main content will be worked on in work sessions. These sessions are spaces of co-creation to work on the topic of Unwanted Loneliness, and to share the different relationships that the participants have with it.
Depending on the phase of the project, different aspects and contents will be worked on in the sessions. In these sessions, group work will be carried out guided by different dynamics and previously designed templates.

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