BBK Kuna is envisaged as a multidisciplinary building where activities, meetings, interactions and projects are created and grow on its various floors.



Space connected to the Estuary and the neighbourhood of San Francisco - Bilbao la Vieja. It has been planned as a relaxed space, with a large vegetable terrace on the outside and a versatile interior to house activities such as local exhibitions, informal meetings or to be a meeting place for citizens.



This is a welcome and information space. At a glance, you’ll be able to see the main lines of work at BBK Kuna and its programme. It has spaces prepared to house chats, events and exhibitions and it even has a small stand offering casual food.


Kuna Crea

Spaces adapted for residents’ projects at BBK Kuna, who will find the best possible environment to favour collaboration, intensive work, networking and contact with new partners.


Kuna Inspira

A floor that houses applied knowledge and training. Its utterly translucent interior with state-of-the-art equipment makes this floor an ideal place for inspiration, learning communities, etc.



A space full of light fitted out to house celebrations and special BBK Kuna ecosystem events.

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