The draw to form the advisory board has been conducted

BBK Kuna has already conducted the draw for constituting the Advisory Board. It is a body made up of 21 neighbours of different ages and walks of life from Bilbao La Vieja, San Francisco and Atxuri, drawn from 110 interested participants.

This body enables the neighbourhood to participate in decisions made by BBK Kuna.

The specific functions of the Advisory Board are as follows:

  • Observe and analyse BBK Kuna’s performance, in order to propose areas for improvement.
  • Analyse proposals put forward by citizens and neighbourhood associations in order to decide upon one of the four projects developed by BBK Kuna each year.
  • Incorporate citizens’ participation in order to put forward priorities to the management of BBK Kuna.

BBK Kuna sent letters to all the members of the neighbourhoods to encourage them to form part of this Board. More than 110 people applied. A draw was conducted to select the 21 people who make up the Board.