The projects selected in BBK Artegunea get underway

The new BBK Artegunea call, aimed at generating contexts in which people become part of artistic and cultural processes, seeks to support those projects which, in many cases, encounter difficulties in finding economic support and infrastructures to implement and/or develop them. BBK Artegunea has two lines of support; one aimed at transdisciplinary projects and a second for musical projects.

The first projects to kick-off are the 3 transdisciplinary projects and will be carried out in BBK Kuna throughout 2022.

The month of May commences withTopiak: Souvenirs of the future,

Reflecting on the future and rethinking the present through the creation of speculative objects. This project promoted by Tipi and Victoria Ascaso, will include a practical part in a workshop format, where the people interested may experiment with other ways of thinking about the future from the use of artistic practices. During the workshops speculative objects will be given shape to help think and implement strategies which will bring us closer to the future we want.

The project is set out into:

WORKSHOP 1 | Thinking of physical shape, finding a body 9 May 18h-20h | BBK Kuna

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Learn about scenarios of the desired future worked upon previously to explore the strategies that lead us to them. Commencing by formalising the speculative objects; pieces that speak to us from another place in time and will help to hone and give shape to strategies for achieving a desirable future. Speculating from artistic practices, from our body and using drawing in order to sound out the possible shapes of these speculative pieces.

WORKSHOP 2 | Build a prototype 10 May 18h-20h | BBK Kuna

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The -Souvenirs of the future- speculative objects outlined during the previous session will be prototyped. Collectively finishing the design of at least one of these objects from different materials and resources in order to achieve an initial formalization of the pieces that will give shape to one of the strategies to help achieve a desirable future.

In addition to these workshops, a public presentation will be held showing the results of these on May at 18:00 and an exhibition of some of the objects will remain on display in BBKKuna.

The following project with which to experiment in the month of June will be Gorputzetik haratago-Beyond the body, project led by DOOS artistic collective. Created in Bilbao in 2012 by Eva Guerrero and Jemima Cano.

The project is comprised of a participative device where dance, technology and the exhibition format are mixed together. An experience which opens up different materials of the company in one non-stage format, where the audience will be able to delve into other ways of approaching dance.

The intervention is composed of 3 micro-actions, an immersive dance experience through virtual reality goggles; “No man’s land”, a photo exhibition of a choreographic research (more a game device to test this physical principle); and a third vision-action (with a looped video and bamboo poles with instructions for the audience to repeat this dynamic exploring).

After summer, the programme will close with the Silart project, from the Begirada Artean collective. A project which explores the self-concept idea of fusing the performing, literary and sound arts. In order to represent these three realities dance, theatre, music and texts with a voiceover will be used.

They provide the user with an active participation, so that the artistic work is perceived as a whole, mixing acoustic, visual and electronic media. The project opens the doors of the creative process in order for citizens to get the chance to get a close look at the project creation experience.

The project, includes specific workshops for school groups and an open session for the general public.