carátula programa the future game

BBK Kuna is starting its activity

BBK Kuna, the Factory providing solutions for the challenges of the future in Bizkaia, is launching its first project which will be aimed at young people. They will be the sole protagonists of the future that the new project promoted by the BBK Foundation is now working for.

BBK Kuna is launching its project: “The Future Game”. This is a training programme for young people in the province which will enjoy a “gamified” learning experience, that is, one that transfers the mechanics of games to the educational sphere.

Through this project a total of 30 youngsters with explore the most important trends and challenges of this century to try and find solutions that have a positive impact on their environment.

“The Future Game” has three aims:

  • To encourage new ideas and companies whose positive social and environmental impact are as important as their economic vitality.
  • To train young people with skills and tools so that they can be agents of change.
  • To create an ecosystem of organisations prepared to tackle the challenges that the future provides.

“The Future Game” is an action-based learning game. This is a futuristic journey in which the participants play the leading roles, and mark the steps to be taken to create an emerging future.

To register you need curiosity, motivation and creativity… You don’t need a specific level of education or training, what you need is a desire to contribute to and transform society through different abilities. The young people who are selected will form part of multidisciplinary teams who will work with a methodology of their own, and will be able to rely on experts in the different subjects.

This experience aims to meet challenges based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), established by the international agenda to achieve a more sustainable world, which form part of BBK Kuna’s DNA.

Through “The Future Game”, BBK Kuna aims to be able to rely on the entrepreneurial potential of the younger generations who play a key role in popularising sustainable ethical economic development, and in creating new inclusive cultures.