When 83 adds up to 18

Quite often we hear “We can go faster on our own, but together we can go further”, and in BBK Kuna we not only agree with this statement but we also put it into practice. “That fairer, more equitable world we dream about and are working to achieve in 2030 will not be real if we do not collaborate”. A collaboration between businesses, people, institutions, etc. is the only way to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) without leaving anyone behind.

Partnerships are so important in Agenda 2030 that they have a space of their own in the SDGs. SDG 17 refers precisely and specifically to this: the partnerships to achieve the goals. As it is, the relevance of joining efforts and forces was clear to those who worked for years in pursuit of these common challenges which all humanity faces. Collaborative and cooperative work as a unique tool in order to achieve a real impact to improve the future.

BBK Kuna: The Home of the SDGs has the generation of these spaces of collaboration among its pillars. Among its projects, one of the main ones, which celebrates its first year this month since it was constituted, is KIDEAK: a network of over 80 entities committed to doing things in another way: aware that their production chains have to respect human rights, that gender equality is achieved from within, that health has to be protected from every perspective, particularly in the case of childhood, motherhood, elderly people, mental health… These entities make up a long list of actions and ways of contributing to the SDGs in Bizkaia, to the future of our territory and its neighbours.

All of these businesses, NGOs, educational institutions, public-private organisations are part of this network called Red BBK Kuna 2030 KIDEAK. The network is an open space you can join to contribute your knowledge, experience, learn what others are already doing and add to this unstoppable movement of entities and people committed to sustainable development. Because in this case the math doesn’t add up and the 83 entities who promoted the creation of this network in June 2022 add up to 18 SDGs (17+1). We would be delighted for you to also add to this endeavour and continue challenging this formula.