District advisory board

In the months ahead BBK intends to reopen the Kuna Building and transform it into a space to meet the needs of the people of Bizkaia, paying particular attention to the districts of San Francisco, Bilbao la Vieja and Atxuri, in a bid to find solutions to a range of problems in our society – loneliness, old age, unemployment among young people, environmental challenges or inequality between men and women.

From day one of operations we will be seeking a stable relationship with those who live in the vicinity, so that our doors are open for any activities that may be carried out inside the building, and to enable them to take part in future projects, either as individuals or as associations.

In connection with our intention to maintain a genuine relationship with the area, we will be choosing 21 residents of Bilbao La Vieja, San Francisco and Atxuri in a notarised draw to form part of an Advisory Board.

How to apply for the draw to form part of the advisory board

To take part in the draw, you will have to send a WhatsApp to the following phone number (747402099) or an e-mail to the following address (kuna@bbk.eus). You can also apply by phone (747402099) on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00 h to 12:00 h. The data you will have to provide are as follows:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Academic qualifications (primary level or lower / secondary / university)

The deadline for applications is 23 October 2020.

Methodology of the civic draw, step by step


All residences in the districts of Bilbao La Vieja, San Francisco and Atxuri will receive a letter in the post inviting them to take part in a draw to be chosen as one of the 21 members of the BBK Kuna Advisory Board.


Any residents wishing to take part will register via WhatsApp, by e-mail or by phone, and will answer four questions in relation to their age, address, sex and academic qualifications to take part in the civic draw to form part of the Advisory Board.


All those registered in the civic draw will make up the sample from which the 21 Board members will be chosen at random, in due observance of the numbers established to guarantee a balance in relation to sex, age groups and academic qualifications.

Category numbers for the Advisory Board

Criterion 1: Sex
Criterion 2: Age
60 or more7
Criterion 3: Area
Bilbao La Vieja7
San Francisco7
Criterion 4: Academic qualifications
Primary level or lower7
Secondary school qualifications7
University qualifications7

*If the sample does not contain at least two immigrants, they will be selected through the networks working with these groups in the neighbourhood.

4 Draw proceedings.

All those agreeing to take part in the draw will be allocated a number code that will be associated with their personal characteristics to guarantee the privacy of their data, and ensure they remain anonymous. The codes will be drawn at random until the 21 members of the advisory board have been chosen, in due observance of the numbers established to guarantee proper representation. The codes will be drawn using a software package to guarantee a randomness similar to that used to conduct surveys on a representative sample of the population. The process will be transparent, and guaranteed by a notary to oversee proceedings.

Functioning of the Advisory Board

General Principles:

  • The Advisory Board will conduct its business in accordance with the principles of continuity, transparency, participation, sufficient resources, loyalty among members and collaboration.
  • In its relations with BBK Kuna, it must adhere to the principles of institutional loyalty, independence, collaboration and coordination.
  • In tasks affecting local people, it must adhere to the principles of legal certainty, clarity and proximity.
  • Persons with direct or indirect ties to BBK or to any associations or individuals applying for BBK Kuna projects in the district may not form part of the Advisory Board.
  • BBK Kuna management reserves the right to remove any member of the Advisory Board who fails to meet any of the above requirements.

Purpose and functions

  • The purpose of the advisory board is to serve as a connection among the districts of Bilbao La Vieja, San Francisco and Atxuri and the BBK Kuna space in order to carry out the courses of action proposed. It will also channel the participation of local residents in furnishing a response to the challenges of the future that will be posed by BBK Kuna.
  • The specific functions of the Advisory Board are as follows:
    • To observe and analyse the action taken by BBK Kuna, in order to table areas for improvement.
    • To analyse the proposals submitted by local people and associations in the neighbourhood, in order to take decisions concerning the projects to be carried out at BBK Kuna.
    • To usher in the participation of local residents to table priorities to BBK Kuna management.

Internal functioning of the Advisory Board

  • A fee of fifty euros for each session is established as compensation for the attendance of the members
  • Decisions will be taken by a majority vote.
  • No items that are not listed on the agenda may be discussed.
  • The Advisory Board will meet at least three times a year. The meetings will be scheduled by BBK Kuna.
  • The Advisory Board will be streamlined by a person from BBK Kuna, who will act as a non-voting moderator.