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BBK network training: The secrets of negotiation

BBK network is the network of talent and entrepreneurship with an impact in Bizkaia. Learn new skills and expand your network of contacts!

Date 14/03/23

Time 10:00 – 12:00h

Every entrepreneur must know how to negotiate. This is a necessary skill as business requires reaching agreements with different agents, such as suppliers, customers, employees, shareholders, investors, financiers, etc.

In this meeting, we will analyse the development and process of a negotiation with special emphasis on the structure of a negotiation and the difference between selling and negotiating, with emphasis on the predisposition of the parties and the perceptions of each one.

You will learn:

the positioning of the issues to be negotiated
the keys to the opponent’s verbal expression
the tactical rules: what I want to achieve and what I am willing to give in order to close negotiations successfully.
If you are interested in learning about the development of a negotiation, this is the training for you. This experience will help you to manage and close negotiations, because you will see yourself reflected in your own experience and it will serve as a guide for future conversations.

And we will also have time to get to know each other, put our most common concerns and worries on the table, while we enjoy a coffee or whatever you want 😉


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