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BBK network training: Measuring the impact of my org – where do I start?

BBK network is the main network of talent and impact entrepreneurship in Bizkaia. Join and develop your skills!

Date 14/05/24

Time 10:00h

Venue BBK Kuna

Your project or business is just starting and there are many things you are thinking about and worrying about. You may also have heard the expression “impact measurement” lately and wondered: should I be interested? How can I get started?

The answer is clearly yes.

Impact measurement will allow you to give focus to your project, to understand what problem you are solving, and how, therefore, to make rational and planned decisions, something that will give your project a better chance to survive in the long run.

Applying a methodology oriented to impact measurement as soon as possible, whatever the state of your organisation, will be a competitive advantage over time.

In this training we will talk about how impact is measured, the main frameworks that are taken into account and the importance it has through a series of participatory dynamics that will help us to understand everything easily and prepare us to apply this approach to our own projects.


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