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Cuaderno de Bitácora Intercultural 2022

Coinciding with the opening of the call for participation in this year's learning community, we opened our first photo exhibition summarising everything that happened in the 2022 edition.

Date 10/03/23 – 25/03/23

Time 17:00 – 21:00h

Last year, a stable space was created at BBK Kuna, with people from different origins and cultures willing to develop and share experiences and knowledge based on difference and cultural identity, which we call Cuaderno de Bitácora Intercultural (Intercultural Logbook) Learning Community.

Through creativity and positive interaction, people from different backgrounds discussed cultural diversity.

The final result was an artistic performance, reflecting the process carried out by the learning community, in the BBK Hall, where the cultural diversity of the Basque community was vindicated.


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