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FSForum: The future of the fair trade of traditional music and remix – Hatim Belyamani

FS Forum brings together international cultural and social leaders to foster the reflection on culture and social innovation as the main drivers for building more humane and positive societies.

Date 26/05/22

Time 18:00h


Hatim Belyamani grew up in Morocco, surrounded by the sounds of Arab, Amazigh and sub-Saharan origins in the country, and was an award-winning pianist and classical guitarist before finding his voice in electronic music. In his performances, he manages to connect with his audiences from distant cultures in a unique audiovisual journey, transmitting traditional music from the four corners of the world onto a large screen and harmoniously transforming it into new electronic rhythms. Hatim has performed in several festivals and halls throughout the world, such as the Lincoln Center in New York, the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, WOMEX in Spain and Rec Beat in Brazil. In 2012 Hatim founded Remix ⟷ Culture.

Remix ⟷ Culture is a non-profit organisation which bridges the gap between cultural divisions through the transforming power of music, film and remix. Hatim and his team travel across the world, capturing the images and sounds of underrepresented musical traditions, which are shared online free under a Creative Commons license. The project has received increasingly more praise since its creation, in countless print, television and radio media and online.

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