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FSForum2022: The socio-therapeutic power of the reflection sessions – Rita Ezenwa-Okoro

FS Forum brings together international cultural and social leaders to foster the reflection on culture and social innovation as the main drivers for building more humane and positive societies.

Date 31/05/22

Time 19:00h


Rita Ezenwa Okoro is the main visionary behind Street Project Foundation, she is creative, an activist and an expert in communications. Her career in the field of community development commenced during a compulsory year of service in Lagos (Nigeria) where she acted as vice-president of a youth group of a special community service called One House Music Unit. In this group, music was used as an awareness raising tool, acting under the bridges of densely populated areas in Lagos State, as well as in schools and social institutions. After completing her year of youth service, her passion for continuing to give back to the community led her to create the Street Project Foundation in 2008. After her dedication to the cause of the development of youth in Nigeria, she was the recipient of the Barack Obama’s Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders (YALI) in civil leadership, awarded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State.

Street Project Foundation is a social enterprise aimed at empowering youth who live under the poverty threshold through art. The concern of young people, the lack of direction, access to capital and the opportunities for developing life skills are limitations for their development and empowerment, hence the need to harness their talents.

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