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Haurkuna: Water is life


Date 17/04/24

Time 17:30 – 18:30h

Venue BBK Kuna

Talk about SDG No. 6 clean water and sanitation, about how important water is for all living beings and ensure access to it. We have to celebrate how lucky we are to have water at our disposal. Talk about, water is life, large part of the planet is made up of this magical substance and so are we. We could not live without water, because crops would not grow, there would be no vegetation, animals would have no food, neither would we. However, many parts of our planet are suffering from drought and there are people who have to eke out a living without this valuable liquid.

Make a model in which to observe how clean water is taken to every home. This is done on a large thick cardboard on which we place some building also made of cardboard. Then with light blue or white plasticine the circuits: A large dam made of plasticine from which plasticine circuits come out of to every home. Finally, in order to explain the water cycle, this is done by pouring water into the dam and see how it circulates through the circuits and arrives to every home.


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