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Kantera: Sirenatas (emakumeen kontzertua)

Kantera, the socio-educational cycle that (re)moves the musical foundations in Bilbao.

Date 22/03/24

Time 17:30 – 18:30h

In the heart of Bilbao, the Kantera cycle is generating attention for its unique approach and social impact. Scheduled for Fridays 15 and 22 March at BBK Kuna, Kantera represents a revolution in music education while promoting integration and gender equality.

Kantera, a name inspired by the emblematic Plaza de la Cantera, stands as a bastion of values such as listening, diversity and inclusion, giving visibility to women in classical music. From its headquarters in the heart of the community, the educational cycle focuses on engaging children of all ages, highlighting the importance of music as a tool for social integration and personal development.

One of the highlights of Kantera is its commitment to the visibility of women in classical music. By offering learning opportunities and performances that highlight women’s contributions to the world of music, the series challenges entrenched stereotypes and opens up new perspectives for future generations.

“Kantera represents a structural change in the way we teach and value music created and performed by women,” says ESAS – Network of Women Artists and Creators, the driving force behind the project. “We are excited to see how this initiative is transforming not only music education, but also the community as a whole”.

With its innovative approach and commitment to inclusion, the Kantera educational cycle demonstrates that music is not only an art, but also a powerful tool for social change and personal growth.


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