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Mainstreaming the SDGs into business strategy

We are in the Decade of Action on SDGs, in the coming years, governments will focus their attention on trying to governments will focus their attention on trying to achieve the SDGs, but that does not mean that the job will be theirs alone. work falls to them alone. The private sector, organisations, civil society and, of course civil society and, of course, SMEs, can help accelerate the achievement of the SDGs. SDGS. However, sometimes it is not so easy to know where to start, as there are 17 Goals and each one has there are 17 Goals and each has different targets and indicators.

Date 09/06/22

Time 09:30 – 13:00h


The main objective is to help translate the context of the SDGs to those organisations that wish to do so, introducing transformational changes from the strategy, analysing each company in order to specify practical implementation measures.
Therefore, these workshops will aim to achieve the following results:

  • To highlight the value of the current contribution to the SDGs, which is probably not known.
  • Improve current SDG engagement and impact.
  • To help participating companies prioritise and report on the SDGs to be acted upon, set related business objectives and measure and report on their progress.
  • To equip all participating companies with the methodologies and tools needed to mainstream the SDGs into their business practice, including
    SDGs into their business practice, based on strategic analysis and deployment.
  • Contribute to the development and exchange of good practices in the incorporation of the SDGs in the operations and strategy of companies. and strategy of companies.
  • Identify new Social Responsibility actions, inspired by teamwork with the rest of the participating companies, without the need to the other participating companies, without the need for a specific department for this purpose.
  • To achieve the development of the implementation of the SDGs in the strategy of each of the participating companies, thus becoming a benchmark and example of good practice in sustainability.

In accordance with the above objectives, it is intended that, beyond a training activity, this workshop will contribute to the
development of real implementation projects that serve to establish the guidelines and their subsequent development in the participating companies.
participating companies.

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