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Portraits of a neighbourhood

The project consists of an exhibition of 40 portraits by Begoña Elexpe, and an informative and visual map that combines information about the exhibition with all the associates of the organisation of traders and businesses.

Date 27/05/22 – 01/09/22

Time 10:00 – 20:00h


This campaign, designed and organised by BilbaoHistoriko and the Traders of San Francisco, Bilbao La Vieja and Zabala, is one more way of seeking to enhance, recognise, inform and revitalise our historic neighbourhoods in terms of culture, commerce and hospitality.

Generating a positive project that seeks to revitalise the image of our neighbourhoods and attract citizens to them.

The main objectives of Portraits of a Neighbourhood are:

  • To generate and strengthen the attraction of the citizens of Bilbao in particular, and of Bizkaia in general, to the neighbourhoods of Bilbao la Vieja, San Francisco and Zabala.
  • To create value in the historic districts so that Basque economic and business agents integrate this area into their investment strategies.
  • To develop actions that make Bilbao’s historic districts economically, socially, commercially, touristically and culturally attractive, integrating the different current identities into a new, larger and more powerful one.
  • To design a social cohesion project based on the integration and social insertion of the people who live in the surroundings of historic Bilbao.
  • To implement the cultural offer of the neighbourhoods through this new proposal that brings together commerce, culture and art created in collaboration with neighbourhood agents.
  • To recover and strengthen the pride of belonging and the morale of the inhabitants of historic Bilbao.
  • To make known, value and/or revalue spaces, places and elements of our closest surroundings, recognising and showing their interest, importance and attractions to neighbours, citizens and visitors.

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