The future game

The Future Game

Generating solutions that will have a positive impact on the world

The Future Game is a learning game in action through which young people explore the most important trends and challenges of this century in order to create visions and prototypes for the emerging future with an impact in their environment.

Having the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, the young people will be guided by a multidisciplinary team of voices of the future, playing a key role in disseminating a sustainable and ethical economic development as well as creating new inclusive and civil commitment cultures. The first edition has been held successfully with a registration of more than 100 young people and selection of the 30 inspiring young people who have developed solutions for the challenges of Bizkaia in just one month.

Seeking agents of change

The aim of BBK Kuna’s ‘The Future Game’, is to harness the entrepreneurial potential of the upcoming generations who “will play a key role” in disseminating ethical and sustainable economic development, as well as creating new inclusive cultures.

“The Future Game” has three goals:

  • Promoting new ideas and businesses where the positive social and environmental impacts are just as important as their economic feasibility.
  • Training young people with skills and tools to become the agents of change.
  • Creating an ecosystem of organisations prepared to address the challenges the future holds.

With the opening of BBK Kuna more calls for the programme will be launched.