The Future of Food

The Future of Food on the table
The second edition of People of the Future focuses on food. Food provides us with the energy we need to survive and is a vitally important time in our social and family life. The way we choose and buy food, prepare food or surround ourselves at mealtimes says a lot about who we are. How will it change in the future? What would citizens like that future to look like? This study puts the voice of citizens at the centre of this debate on a sustainable, healthy and socially-responsible food future through a representative survey of 1000 people in the Basque Country.

The Inhabitants of the Future-Bisubi Foundation Connection
People of the Future was created with the aim of connecting the future prospects of citizens with the main actors, institutions and companies that are developing transformational projects in the Basque Country. In this edition focused on the Future of Food, we have connected with the Bisubi Foundation, which brings together chefs from Bizkaia with the aim of highlighting their transformative capacity in the territory through their commitment to solidarity with people and the environment through gastronomy. A Foundation driven by more than 150 chefs from Bizkaia whose central focus is sustainability in all its dimensions: social, economic and environmental.

The experience. Dining BBKData of the future with Bisubi.
To present the most relevant data collected in the first representative survey on the Future of Food carried out in the Basque Country, we have generated an innovative experience in which 21 citizens selected through a civic draw will enjoy a dinner of the future prepared by the chefs of the Bisubi Foundation at the Artxanda School of Catering. The chefs range from Michelin stars to those in charge of modest taverns, all of whom coincide in their respect for the social, economic and environmental surroundings where they aim to transform the gastronomic habits of the territory by making Basque gastronomy healthier, more respectful of the environment and more inclusive.

“The future of food” report

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