The Future Game: Future and Technology

As you know, last year we ran The Future Game, bihar zer? The participatory process carried out with the youth community of The Future Game. In total, more than 16,000 young people participated and gave their opinion on the future. After that process, we decided to generate new experiences to work on the issues that most interested Basque youth.

It has been months of work and experimentation around the humanist technological transition. Specifically, 12 young people have experienced the future of technology through 21 different tests and have shared their reflections with us.

During the challenge, the future gamers received a box with 21 envelopes to experience first-hand tests such as the following: Living without a smartphone for a whole day: quantify your anxiety peaks, what does it mean to be in aeroplane mode today; establish intergenerational dialogues about the pre-internet past: what is an offline youth like, what tools have we lost from those experiences, what superpowers have we acquired; write a letter to your “future self”: what things from today would you like to keep? Write a letter to your future self: What things from today would you like to keep?; Share the strongest experience you have had with technology: Did you meet your partner online, did you suffer cyberbullying, or REAL Vs FAKE: Can you tell if the information you receive is real or not?

Using these tests, they have reflected on the anxiety caused by new syndromes such as FOMO (Fear of missing out); the influence generated in them by the digital content they see on their social networks; the loneliness they felt during the pandemic; or their feelings of relief at being challenged to live 24 hours without technological devices. They also sought to answer questions such as the impact of algorithms on opinions, what technology brings to their daily lives and how it has changed the way they relate to each other, and whether they are really themselves on social networks.

We are excited about the wave of young energy we have generated. That’s why we would like to invite you to the results presentation event to be held on 26 January at the Sala BBK in Bilbao. 

We would love to share this day with you. We need confirmation of attendance to ensure the capacity of the event so you can make your reservation here.