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60th anniversary of Gorabide: Families of people with intellectual disabilities

The Home of SDGs hosts a dialogue between three families of people with intellectual disabilities on the 60 years of Gorabide's trajectory and its future prospects, in terms of social innovation and sustainable development.

Date 26/02/22

Time 11:00 – 12:00h


This is the first event to celebrate Gorabide’s 60th anniversary, and focuses on the families of people with intellectual disabilities, as the protagonists of the origin of the association and guarantors of its future. In a conversational format, a father and member of the association since the early years, a mother who has recently become a member, and a sister who has taken over from the next generation.

BBK Kuna is the space that allows us to address, from the perspective of social innovation, issues such as the origins of a family association, the changes achieved, the importance of associative movements, the strengths and unmet needs, the challenges for the future or how an entity like this impacts on the Sustainable Development Goals. BBK has the achievement of these goals on its roadmap and has therefore opened its SDG House to respond to the challenges of the future. Gorabide 6. 0′ is the slogan chosen by this association to celebrate its 60th anniversary, combining its trajectory with its future prospects, highlighting the leading role of the groups that make up what could be called the Gorabide ecosystem in each of those six decades: the first steps taken by families in the 60s, the professionalisation of the 70s, the drive of volunteers in the 80s, the alliance with public institutions in the 90s, the growth of the third sector at the beginning of this century, and the empowerment of people with intellectual disabilities during the last decade.

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