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BBK Off: Juego de Niñas

"Juego de niñas" is about the fears and expectations of parents when it comes to dropping their children off at school, which leads to excessive overprotection of children. The mobile phone screen replaces close communication and can lead to fatal consequences simply because of a simple and misunderstood game.

Date 08/04/22

Time 19:00 – 20:30h


Set in a nursery school, it stages a parents’ meeting, where two couples, a teacher and the headmistress of the school are the protagonists of a meeting of family members and teachers, in which the audience is also involved, introduced as a parent or relative of one of the pupils at the school.
Little by little, and in a comical way, the typical issues and attitudes that are usually dealt with will be discovered, but also the latent problems that will generate a positioning in both characters and spectators. The real reason for the meeting is suddenly revealed: a teacher at the school has been accused of abuse by these two pairs of parents.

Finally, both audience and parents will discover that the accused is present and the possible smile of the first scenes will be erased by the tension and the fight that will ensue. The director will throw out the accused and shortly afterwards the rest of the audience, handing them a circular in which a final reflection is made before leaving the space.

Dramaturgy and direction: Adrián Novella
Performers: Resu Belmonte, Vicent Domingo, Héctor Fuster, Ariana Higón,
Francesc Romeu and Gemma Taberner
Movement and Choreography: AlejandraGarcía
Assistant Director: José Figueroa
Scenic Space: Adrián Novella
Duration: 60′ Duration: 60′ Duration: 60′ Duration: 60′ Duration: 60′ Duration: 60′ Duration: 60
Language: Spanish
Age: +16


MAX Awards – Special Audience Award
Candidate for Best Newcomer and Best Newcomer Playwriting
AAPV Awards – Best Female Performance in Theatre

Free entry until full capacity is reached

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