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Jatorki Abesbatza 50th anniversary

Free entrance until full capacity is reached.

Date 04/11/23

Time 19:30h

Herri, errai, erro is the slogan that has accompanied this choral group in recent years in the main event it organises every year: its Agiña memorial. On the occasion of the group’s fiftieth anniversary, and with the aim of consolidating itself over time, Herri, errai, erro wants to be the slogan that brings together at least four emblematic annual concerts for Jatorki: Udaberrikoa, Agiña Memoriala, Ganbaran and Gabonak.

Herri, errai, erro. Three forceful words. They invoke tradition, strength, roots, the feeling of a way of being that manifests itself to the outside world. It is our sign of identity, that of Jatorki. To live the personality of our own culture in depth, to internalise it and make it present: Basque culture, Basque music, in the world, by and for others. Basque music in the world. And world music in Basque culture.

Herri, errai, erro: Ganbaran: a cycle that Jatorki is organising for the first time this year, to be held at Casa Kuna. A concert that aims to take care of the music offered by small-format choral groups, and which, in some way, allows strategies and values in line with the most current social policies to be visualised. In this case, the presence of women in the world of otxotism, a field traditionally reserved for the male world. Eragiyok, a vocal group of male voices from Astigarraga, which is fully identified with this approach and is a point of reference in our Autonomous Community for its musical quality, accompanies us on this occasion.

It is a great honour for Jatorki Abots Zuriak to perform this first concert of Herri, errai, erro: Ganbaran, in the Ganbara of the Casa Kuna, an emblematic building in the heart of Bilbao la Vieja, which has been a reference in the generation of opportunities for disadvantaged people, social integration and pre-school education for so many children who, at one time, were in a situation of social exclusion.

Jatorki Abots Zuriak premieres in this concert the work by Pedro Guallar, La primavera besaba, a poem by Antonio Machado. In this poem, Machado speaks of his longing for the opportunities he had in his youth that he did not know how to or could not take advantage of. Pedro Guallar has written this work for the competition for the composition of works for choral masses organised by the BBK Foundation this year.


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